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Luesque Mystical Mermaid Deluxe Crop Top
Luesque Mystical Mermaid Deluxe Crop Top

Mystical Mermaid Deluxe Crop Top

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There have been a few small revisions to our deluxe range compared to our previous sportswear:

  • Different logo, much smaller and to the bottom of the waistband rather than across the top of it. Also the same small logo added to the back of crop tops.
  • Shorts will be longer than our previous sportswear shorts and will be around the same length as our casualwear shorts.
  • The legs will be slightly slimmer, particularly around the knee.
  • Sizing will be a bit more true to size. With our previous sportswear from this supplier (everything with the label printed inside the waistband rather than a physical fabric label), the smallest sizes came up a little bit big and larger sizes smaller. It's only recently I have discovered the extent to which the larger sizes differed from our previous supplier so I can only apologise for that and move on and try and improve things for the future and bring the sizing more in line with where it should be.

If you have not purchased before, please buy your standard jeans size. If you are between sizes please size up for comfort. If you have previously purchased sportswear with a printed label inside and are happy with the fit, please check the guide at the bottom for what size to purchase this time.


Our leggings are all made in our exclusive super high quality sportswear fabric.  They are guaranteed squat-proof and the super high waist means you never need to worry about the waist slipping.  

They feature a pocket on the rear of the waistband large enough to fit most smartphones, closed with a zip to ensure that no matter what exercise you're doing, they remain comfortable and the zip won't dig in.

All leggings feature:

  • Super high waist
  • Phone pocket with zip
  • Double stitched for quality
  • Moisture wicking
  • Guaranteed squat-proof
  • Wide elastic waistband to make sure they don't move during exercise

If you have previously purchased sportswear with a printed label inside the waistband (not a fabric one!) and are happy with the fit, please use the following guide, otherwise please purchase your normal jeans size.

If a 6 is too large, try a 6.
If you have a 6, try an 8.
If you have an 8, try a 10.
If you have a 10, stick with a 10 or try a 12.
If you have a 12, stick with a 12.
If you have a 14, try a 12 or stick with a 14.
If you have a 16, try a 14.
If you have an 18, try a 14 or a 16.
If you have a 20, try a 16.
If you have a 22, try a 16 or an 18.
If you have a 24, try an 18.

Please be aware this guide is NOT saying to purchase a different size from your jeans size, this guide is only if you have found a fit you like with our NEWEST supplier (only the leggings with a printed label to the inside rear of the waistband, not those with a standard fabric label inside.)